Agricultural raw materials company

The «ACK» group of companies, which has been created in 2014, is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural products both for Saratov region and all over the Russian Federation. Group of companies is engaged with purchasing and further sales of grain, oil and bean cultures.

The «ACK» group of companies has a round seal containing its full corporate name in Russian and has stamps and letterheads with its own brand names, its own logo and other means of individualization. The group of companies operates in accordance with Russian legislation and its Charter and was created in order to saturate the market with goods and services, as well as to make a profit in favor of participants.

The «ACK» group of companies manages and arranges its financial and business operations and other activities on an independent basis, developing relevant internal rules and regulations.

The «ACK» group of companies has several significant advantages and features that positively affect the core business. Since our group of companies is on the business field, we have proven ourselves as an independent and respectable business partner, knowing the ropes in mutual business relations.



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